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Each of Annex’s trusted technology partners, Black Diamond, eMoney and all three independent custodians (Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity) have their own unique login and passwords. Please be sure to record your credentials for each site in a secure location.

Where Are My Tax Documents?

Your custodian will gather all the required data from all fund companies and create your 1099 statements. A 1099 statement is generated if you have one of the following: sales proceeds in a non-qualified account, or a distribution from a qualified account (IRA).

These statements are generated throughout January and February, and the custodian (TD Ameritrade, Schwab or Fidelity) mails the statements to our clients at that time. You can also view your 1099 statements once they are available if you have online access at TD Ameritrade, Schwab or Fidelity. Most clients report receiving their 1099 statements in late February.

If you have any questions please contact your Wealth Manager or Client Service Manager.

Thank you!
Annex Wealth Management

Did You Move Recently?

If so, please contact your Wealth Manager and/or Client Service Manager to update your information. Thank you!

Do you have an account at TD Ameritrade? Please read this!

TD Ameritrade sends many email communications to our clients, everything from statement availability to tax document notices to prospectuses. TD sends those emails sourced from multiple emails to deliver all of those messages.

We often hear from clients that they’re not receiving all of their communications from TD Ameritrade. TD Ameritrade has helped us figure out why. In order to receive all of the communications from TD Ameritrade, our clients will need to add various TD Ameritrade emails to their spam filter or address book. This will prevent emails from being returned to sender or winding up in your junk folder.

The emails to add to your address book or list as not spam include:

Please add these email addresses as contacts to your email address book or you can mark each email as Not Spam when it arrives in your Junk folder. Completing this action will help ensure that all communications from TD Ameritrade reach you.

Please contact your Wealth Manager or Client Service Manager with questions.

SMS (Text) Messaging Opt-In
In response to client demand, we’re now adding text messaging (SMS) to help stay in touch with you. We plan to use text messaging to communicate the following:

• Meeting reminders
• Notices about statement availability
• Surveys
• Event invitations
• And more to come!

If you wish to receive text messages from Annex Wealth Management, you’ll need to opt-in. Please CLICK HERE to begin the process.

Client Interest Survey

Annex has a long-standing tradition of creating lasting client relationships. Learning key facts about you, like your risk tolerance and your savings goals, helps us plan. But knowing you better – what moves you and makes you tick – will help us serve you.

Please take a few minutes from your day and complete this survey.


Client Education Series: Annex University

Annex Wealth Management has always been committed to client growth and education. Planning and saving can be demanding. We’ve found that when our clients master key concepts, it often enhances working together to reach their goals. Because these are not sales presentations, our clients benefit from a truly informative experience. VIEW EVENTS

Financial Planning & Collaboration

Annex uses eMoney with our clients in a collaborative, interactive financial planning environment. Login to eMoney »

Black Diamond

With Black Diamond, see detailed account information, quarterly performance reports, enhanced activity summaries, and more.

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For the best supported experience, we recommend using Google Chrome. You may also use Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Black Diamond User Guide

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Custodian Access

Account Data & Statements

You can view your Annex managed accounts held at these independent, third-party custodians by clicking the appropriate logo.

If you do not have a username and password, contact your Wealth Manager or Client Service Manager for assistance.