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The Annex 401(k) Team will:

  • Help select your 401k investments and provide one-on-one financial advice
  • Work in your best interest at all times
  • Discuss financial planning concepts and help implement a plan
  • Help you make educated decisions with your retirement account  
  • Assist with contribution and distribution strategies
  • Never collect compensation from you for our time spent together

Your Account Provider will:

  • Maintain your account balance – access your account balance anytime by logging in online, through a mobile app or by calling
  • Send you account statements, plan notifications and tax documents
  • Process changes to contributions, investments and beneficiaries
  • Help with forms or plan questions
  • Assist with loans and distributions

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Annex Wealth Management provides free workshops, open to the public, on key wealth management topics.

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Companies partner with different 401(k) providers. Depending on where you work, your money is being held at one of these companies. To access your account, click the logo of your 401(k) provider to be redirected to your secure login.

Moving on from your job or retiring?

As you plan your next step, what you decide about your retirement savings could have a big impact on your future.

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Why Do You Think More Plan
Participants Aren’t Choosing Roth?

Money Smart: Set Up An Automatic Escalation

Consider adding the automatic escalation feature to your retirement plan. Automatic escalation is a 401(k) plan feature that automatically increases your contribution amount. For instance, you can set the feature to increase contributions by 1% each year up to 10% or more.

Why? The answer is easy – you’ll end up saving more for retirement. See below for some examples of how much you could save by increasing your contribution by 1% alone:

Increase your contribution by 1% and by retirement you could…

have an additional


  • Your Title Goes Here

Example: Suzie

Age: 35

Earns: $60,000/yr

That’s less than $12 per week.

have an additional


  • Your Title Goes Here

Example: Andrew

Age: 45

Earns: $70,000/yr

That’s less than $14 per week.

have an additional


  • Your Title Goes Here

Example: Sharon

Age: 55

Earns: $80,000/yr

That’s less than $16 per week.

This information is intended to be educational and is not tailored to the investment needs of any specific investor.

*Approximation based on a 1% increase in contribution rate. Continued employment from current age to retirement age, 67. We assume you are exactly your current age (in whole number of years) and will retire on your birthday at your retirement age. Number of years of savings equals retirement age minus current age. Nominal investment growth rate is assumed to be 5.5%. Hypothetical nominal salary growth rate is assumed to be 4% (2.5% inflation + 1.5% real salary growth rate). All accumulated retirement savings amounts are shown in future (nominal) dollars. This assumes no loans or withdrawals are taken throughout the current age to retirement age.

Your own plan account may earn more or less than this example and income taxes will be due when you withdraw from your account. Investing in this manner does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss in declining markets.

Investing involves risk, including the risk of loss.

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